We're dedicated to growing the sport and making sure every kid has an equal opportunity to play. And that means that every kid needs their own gear. With so many old and used lacrosse sticks laying around the country in the hands of current players we thought we could do some recycling! You send us your used stick with a note on it saying "DONATION" and we'll clean it up, restring it (if needed), and give it to a kid in need! and all you have to do is simply send us the stick to help out kids who can't afford their own. For information on where to ship and how to get your shipping costs covered, contact
If you're local to Grandville, MI or within a 15 mile radius we also give the option to have us come and pick up any equipment you'd be willing to donate! For us to come pick up any equipment email and we can arrange a time and place.
no sticks donated will be sold for profits, only re-purposed and given to children in need.